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Newsreel Films 1968
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Newsreel Films 1969
Huegla Edinburg, TX 1967.jpg

Roz Payne ca. late-1960s or early-1970s
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unknown 1969
SDS NLN 1000001.jpg

Students for a Democratic Society October 7, 1966
RAT 400001.jpg

RAT Subterranean News October 29-November 18, 1970
Fatigue Press 100001.jpg

Fatigue Press September 1971
Your Military Left00001.jpg

The Military Left ca. late-1969
RAT 300001.jpg

RAT Subterranean News May 22-June 4, 1970
RAT June001.jpg

RAT Subterranean News June 5-19, 1970
RAT Feb001.jpg

R.A.T. Publications, Inc February 6-23, 1970
BlackPanther_19701010001 copy.jpg

The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service October 10, 1970

The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service October 16, 1971

Black G.I.'s ca. early-1970s

unknown ca. 1964

Richard Pipes, photographer unknown
  • Tags: Texas
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