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Newsreel Films

Roz Payne was involved in Newsreel Films from the group's inception in New York in 1967. Newsreel created a series of short films documenting various…

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Underground Press

One of the key characteristics of the various movements of the 1960s-era was the creation of alternative, or "underground," newspapers. These…

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Leaflets, Flyers, Broadsides and Article Reprints

The social movements of the Sixties produced hundreds of leaflets, flyers, broadsides and reprinted articles. These items were an important part of…

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Small Press Publications

During the 1960s, numerous radical and independent small presses were created to publish longer essays, manifestos, philosophical tracts, treatises…

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Roz Payne was a photographer and took hundreds of images of activism during the Sixties. The images in this collection include more than 500…

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This collection contains a small number of physical objects, including a National Liberation Front flag, a fake check depicting the burning of the…

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Buttons were one of the most popular and pervasive forms of political messaging during the 1960s, combining brief messaging and memorable graphic…

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Posters and Graphic Design

The movements of the Sixties produced a rich history of political posters and other graphic arts. These posters were hung in political offices,…

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