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Julian Bond and T.G. Lewis 1967
SDS NLN 700001.jpg

Students for a Democratic Society November 18, 1966
SDS NLN 600001.jpg

Students for a Democratic Society November 25, 1966
Off Our Backs001.jpg

off our backs February 1970
Liberated Guardian 200001.jpg

Liberated Guardian Worker's Collective November 25, 1970
The Black Panther

The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service summer 1991

Friends of the New York Three ca. mid-1970s

Right edge has "Jackrabbit Press 464 Willamette Eugene Oregon" printed in black and a black stamp for the Assatta Shakur Defense Committee. ca. 1973

Third World Committee - Student Mobilization Committee ca. late-1960s
  • Tags: Malcolm X
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