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Ann Arbor Sun, Inc. January 1975
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Newsreel Films 1968

unknown 1968
Fag Rag 400001.jpg

Fag Rag Collective January 1973
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Fag Rag Collective June 1971

Roz Payne ca. 1999

unknown ca. 1969-1971
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Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) 1968
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Leviathan Publications, Inc. 1969
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Newsreel Films 1969
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Roz Payne ca. late-1960s
Off Our Backs001.jpg

off our backs February 1970

Roz Payne ca. late-1960s
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Newsreel Films 1968
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RAT Subterranean News May 22-June 4, 1970
Red Morning001.jpg

Red Morning Summer 1971
Right On 100001.jpg

Black Community News Service September 15-30, 1971

San Francisco Mime Troupe ca. mid-1960s

The Collective of The Center for Women's Studies and Services June 1977

Ann Arbor Sun, Inc. October 1975
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Newsreel Films 1968
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