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Lou Potter April 8, 1969

Red Bass Magazine 1984

New People Media Project January 1970

Guerilla undated, ca. early-1970s

Todd Gitlin July/August 1969

The Collective of The Center for Women's Studies and Services June 1977
Leviathan 2001.jpg

Leviathan Publications, Inc. October and November 1969
Editorial_010_001 copy.jpg

a coalition of left media groups, including American Documentary Films, Blue Bus, Liberation News Service, New York Media Project, Newsreel, Committee to Defend the Panther 21, Paradigm Records, Rat Subterranean News, The Guardian and Theater of Southpaws undated
Editorial_07_001 copy.jpg

Black Panther Party ca. 1970
Editorial_08_001 copy.jpg

Off Our Backs undated
Editorial_09_001 copy.jpg

New York Media Project 1970
Leaflet_016_001 copy.jpg

Liberation News Service ca. 1969
Poster_01_002 copy.jpg

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) 1968
Newspaper_05_001 copy.jpg

New York Media Project undated
Newspaper_04_001 copy.jpg

New York Media Project December 25, 1969, vol. 1, no. 2
Osawatomie_02_000 copy.jpg

Weather Underground Autumn 1975, no. 3

RAT Subterranean News 1968

Free Press 2006
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