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The photo was likely taken by Juan Julian Caicedo spring 1968

Rising Up Angry undated
Young Lords.jpeg

Roz Payne ca. late-1960s or early-1970s
RAT 400001.jpg

RAT Subterranean News October 29-November 18, 1970
White Lightening 1001.jpg

Spirit of Logos February 1973
White Lightening 200001.jpg

Spirit of Logos ca. 1971
RAT June001.jpg

RAT Subterranean News June 5-19, 1970
Newspaper_03_001 copy.jpg

New York Media Project March 1970, vol. 1, no. 3

The Young Lords Party March 30, 1972

The High School Free Press ca. 1968

Young Lords Party ca. mid-1960s
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