New Left Notes, vol. 1, no. 29, August 5, 1966


New Left Notes, vol. 1, no. 29, August 5, 1966


New Left


New Left Notes was the official newspaper published by the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). This issue includes articles about the upcoming SDS national convention in Clear Lake, Iowa; a debate over electoral politics and the National Council for a New Politics; a burglary at the Chicago headquarters of the DuBois Clubs of America; definitions of radicalism; an update from the Iowa City chapter; a discussion of the intersection of race and poverty and ERAP; a response to a previous article on the Communist Convention; SDS and ideology; “derisive terminology”; the radical tradition in America; the “crisis of Cold War ideology”; an Cleveland gathering of anti-war groups; “representative democracy” vs. “referendum democracy”; recent racial conflict on Chicago’s West Side; an upcoming Socialist Scholars Conference; grape strike; SSOC; a response to a critique of the New Left by Tom Kahn; letters to the editor.


Students for a Democratic Society


Roz Payne


Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


August 5, 1966


underground press

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Students for a Democratic Society, “New Left Notes, vol. 1, no. 29, August 5, 1966,” Roz Payne Sixties Archive, accessed April 24, 2024,

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